CCNA 1 R&S Introduction to Networks Chapter 10 QUIZ

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CCNA 1 R&S Introduction to Networks Chapter 10 QUIZ
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CCNA 1 R&S Introduction to Networks Chapter 10 QUIZ

1 What is an advantage of SMB over FTP?​

Only with SMB can data transfers occur in both directions.
Only SMB establishes two simultaneous connections with the client, making the data transfer faster.​
SMB is more reliable than FTP because SMB uses TCP and FTP uses UDP.​
SMB clients can establish a long-term connection to the server.​*

2 What is true about a peer-to-peer network?

A unique network infrastructure is required to support a peer-to-peer network.
Each device can function as a server and a client.*
Workstations access network resources through a central authentication service.
The sending host that requests a resource from another host assumes both the server and client roles during the communication.

3 When retrieving email messages, which protocol allows for easy, centralized storage and backup of emails that would be desirable for a small- to medium-sized business?


4 Which two definitions accurately describe the associated application layer protocol? (Choose two.)

SMTP – transfers web pages from web servers to clients
Telnet – provides remote access to servers and networking devices*
DNS – resolves Internet names to IP addresses*
FTP – transfers email messages and attachments
HTTP – enables devices on a network to obtain IP addresses

5 Which domain name would be an example of a top-level domain?

6 Which two tasks are the responsibility of the local DNS server? (Choose two.)

maintaining a large number of cached DNS entries
maintaining the ISP server
mapping name-to-IP addresses for internal hosts*
forwarding name resolution requests between servers*
updating the DNS table on each local host

7 Which statement is true about FTP?

The client can choose if FTP is going to establish one or two connections with the server.
The client can download data from or upload data to the server.*
FTP is a peer-to-peer application.
FTP does not provide reliability during data transmission.

8 [button url=”” target=”self” size=”small” color=”dark”]Open the PT Activity.[/button] Perform the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the question or complete the task.

Which protocol is being used on PC_1 to retrieve email messages from the email server?


9 A user reboots a PC which has been configured to dynamically receive an IPv4 address from a DHCP server. In which order do the DHCP message transactions between the client and server occur?


10 Which OSI layer is concerned with formatting data such as GIF and JPEG graphic images?

transport layer
network layer
application layer
presentation layer*
physical layer

11 Match the function to the appropriate OSI layer. (Not all options are used.)

application layer -> providing an interface with the network

presentation layer -> data compression

session layer -> resuming an interrupted dialog

12 Which statement is true about peer-to-peer applications?

They allow devices to act as either a client or a server, but never both.
They require each end device to provide a user interface and run a background service.*
They ​require a dedicated server for sharing files and printers.
They ​can be used only on peer-to-peer networks.

13 Which command is used to manually query a DNS server to resolve a specific host name?

ipconfig /displaydns



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