CCNA 1 R&S Introduction to Networks Chapter 11 QUIZ

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CCNA 1 R&S Introduction to Networks Chapter 11 QUIZ
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CCNA 1 R&S Introduction to Networks Chapter 11 QUIZ

1 On which two interfaces or ports can security be improved by configuring executive timeouts? (Choose two.)

Fast Ethernet interfaces
console ports*
serial interfaces
vty ports*
loopback interfaces

2 What information can be gathered about a neighbor device from the show cdp neighbors detail command that cannot be found with the show cdp neighbors command?

the platform that is used by the neighbor
the IP address of the neighbor*
the capabilities of the neighbor
the hostname of the neighbor

3 Match the type of threat with the cause. (Not all options are used.)

hardware threats -> physical damage to servers, routers, switches, cabling plant, and workstations

environmental threats -> temperature extremes (too hot or too cold) or humidity extremes (too wet or too dry)

electrical threats -> voltage spikes, insufficient supply voltage (brownouts), unconditioned power (noise), and total power loss

maintenance threats -> poor handling of key electrical components (electrostatic discharge), lack of critical spare parts, poor cabling, and poor labeling

4 A small company has only one router as the exit point to its ISP. Which solution could be adopted to maintain connectivity if the router itself, or its connection to the ISP, fails?

Activate another router interface that is connected to the ISP, so the traffic can flow through it.
Have a second router that is connected to another ISP.*
Purchase a second least-cost link from another ISP to connect to this router.
Add more interfaces to the router that is connected to the internal network.

5 What is an advantage of using a deterministic IP addressing scheme?

easy path determination for routers
knowing each user device IP address
controlling access to devices by IP address*
avoiding traffic congestion

6 Which type of malware will disguise itself as a legitimate program and execute its malicious code once the program is run?


7 Place the recommended steps for worm attack mitigation in the correct order. (Not all options are used.)

Step 1 -> Containment

Step 2 -> Inoculation

Step 3 -> Quarantine

Step 4 -> Treatment

8 Which command will block login attempts on RouterA for a period of 30 seconds if there are 2 failed login attempts within 10 seconds?

RouterA(config)# login block-for 10 attempts 2 within 30
RouterA(config)# login block-for 30 attempts 2 within 10*
RouterA(config)# login block-for 2 attempts 30 within 10
RouterA(config)# login block-for 30 attempts 10 within 2

9 Which statement is true about Cisco IOS ping indicators?​

‘!’ indicates that the ping was unsuccessful and that the device may have issues finding a DNS server.
‘U’ indicates that a router along the path did not contain a route to the destination address and responded with an ICMP redirect message.​​​
‘.’ may indicate that the ping was blocked by a firewall.*
A combination of ‘.’ and ‘!’ indicates that a router along the path did not have a route to the destination address and responded with an ICMP unreachable message.​

10 What is the factory default setting for the configuration register on Cisco routers?


11 An administrator wants to back up a router configuration file to a USB drive that is connected to the router. Which command should the administrator use to verify that the USB drive is being recognized by the router?

cd USB
dir flash0:
show file systems*

12 While downloading an IOS image from a TFTP server, an administrator sees long strings of exclamation marks (!) output to the console. What does this mean?

The transfer is working.*
The TFTP server is not responding.
The IOS file is corrupt and is failing the checksum verification.
There is not enough space in flash to hold the image.

13 What are the two WEP key lengths? (Choose two.)

8 bit
16 bit
32 bit
64 bit*
128 bit*

14 A technician is unsuccessful in establishing a console session between a PC and a Linksys integrated router. Both devices have power, and a cable is connected between them. Which two troubleshooting steps could help to diagnose this problem? (Choose two.)

Ensure the correct cable is used.*
Ensure the SSID is the same on both devices.
Ensure both devices have the same IP address.
Ensure both devices have different subnet masks.
Ensure the encryption type on both devices match.
Ensure the link status LED on the integrated router is lit.*

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