CCNA 1 R&S Introduction to Networks Chapter 4 QUIZ

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CCNA 1 R&S Introduction to Networks Chapter 4 QUIZ

1 What is the purpose of the physical link control field in a data link layer header?

to indicate congestion in the media
to start and stop traffic over the media
to establish the media link*
to establish a logical connection between nodes

2 Match each type of frame field to its function. (Not all options are used.)

addressing -> This field helps to direct the frame toward its destination.

error detection -> This field checks if the frame has been damaged during the transfer.

type -> This field is used by the LLC to identify the Layer 3 protocol.

frame start -> This field identifies the beginning of a frame.

3 When is a wired connection preferred to a wireless connection by an end-user device?

when the end-user device is within range of a wireless signal
when the end-user device only has a WLAN NIC
when the end-user device will run an application that requires a dedicated connection to the network*
when the end-user device will run an application that is delay tolerant

4 Fill in the blank.
In fiber optic media, the signals are represented as patterns of “______”.

Correct Answer



5 Which is a function of the Logical Link Control (LLC) sublayer?

to define the media access processes that are performed by the hardware
to provide data link layer addressing
to identify which network layer protocol is being used*
to accept segments and package them into data units that are called packets

6 An administrator measured the transfer of usable data across a 100 Mb/s physical channel over a given period of time and obtained 60 Mb/s. Which kind of measurement did the administrator obtain?

digital bandwidth



Refer to the exhibit. One end of the cable is terminated as displayed, and the other end is terminated in accordance with the T568A standard. What type of cable would be created in this manner?


8 What is the correct color order of wire when terminating a cable by the T568B standard? Match the correct RJ-45 pin order to the wire color. (Not all options are used.)

Pin 1 -> white/orange

Pin 2 -> orange

Pin 3 -> white/green

Pin 4 -> blue

Pin 5 -> white/blue

Pin 6 -> green

Pin 7 -> white/brown

Pin 8 -> brown

9 Which two engineering organizations define open standards and protocols that apply to the data link layer? (Choose two.)

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)*
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)
International Telecommunication Union (ITU)*
Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA)
Internet Society (ISOC)

10 Which two factors influence the method that is used for media access control? (Choose two.)

how data is generated by end devices applications
how the connection between nodes appears to the data link layer*
how signals are encoded by the NICs on end devices​
how nodes share the media*
how the IP protocol forwards the packet to the destination

11 What is a characteristic of a WAN hub-and-spoke topology?

It requires that some of the branch sites be interconnected through point-to-point links.
It requires that every site be interconnected to each other through point-to-point links.
All sites require a hub device that connects to a router.
The branch sites are connected to a central site through point-to-point links.​*

12 Which two statements are true of the deterministic access method? (Choose two.)

The throughput is predictable.*
The order of transmission is dictated by the node that asks first for the token.
Devices take turns transmitting.*
Each device has to transmit before passing the token to the next device.
It is a very efficient method because there are no collisions.

13 Which statement describes a characteristic of the frame header fields of the data link layer?

They all include the flow control and logical connection fields.
Ethernet frame header fields contain Layer 3 source and destination addresses.
They vary depending on protocols.*
They include information on user applications.


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