Chapter 11: Managing a Secure Network

Instructor Materials – Chapter 11: Managing a Secure Network

Chapter Outline:

11.0 Introduction
11.1 Network Security Testing
11.2 Developing a Comprehensive Security Policy
11.3 Summary

Section 11.1: Network Security Testing

Topic 11.1.1: Network Security Testing Techniques

  • Operations Security
  • Testing and Evaluating Network Security
  • Types of Network Tests

Operational Status of the Network:

  • Penetration testing
  • Network scanning
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Password cracking
  • Log review
  • Integrity checks
  • Virus detection

Applying Network Test Results

Topic 11.1.2: Network Security Testing Tools

  • Network Testing Tools
  • Nmap and Zenmap
  • SuperScan
  • SIEM

Section 11.2: Developing a Comprehensive Security Policy

Topic 11.2.1: Security Policy Overview

  • Secure Network Life Cycle
  • Security Policy
  • Security Policy Audience

Topic 11.2.2: Structure of a Security Policy

  • Security Policy Hierarchy
  • Governing Policy
  • Technical Policies
  • End User Polices

Topic 11.2.3: Standards, Guidelines, and Procedures

  • Security Policy Documents
  • Standards Documents
  • Guideline Documents
  • Procedure Documents

Topic 11.2.4: Roles and Responsibilities

  • Organizational Reporting Structure
  • Common Executive Titles

Topic 11.2.5: Security Awareness and Training

  • Security Awareness Program

Topic 11.2.6: Responding to a Security Breach

  • Motive, Opportunity, and Means
  • Collecting Data

Section 11.3: Summary

Chapter Objectives:

  • Explain the various techniques and tools used for network security testing.
  • Explain how to develop a comprehensive security policy.


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