Mobility Fundamentals Pre-Course Self Check Assignments Answers

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Mobility Fundamentals Pre-Course Self Check Assignments Answers
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Mobility Fundamentals Pre-Course Self Check Assignments Answers

Develop skills in the hottest IT segment: Mobile

Fully leveraging the changes and opportunities of technology is what the digital transformation is all about. Here you have the chance to see how wireless and mobility technologies are improving the daily lives of many and driving new business models for nonprofits and for-profit companies everywhere. Through a series of short modules, you’ll learn about mobile and wireless concepts, standards, and applications—plus, develop marketable skills in one of the hottest IT segments! CCENT level of networking knowledge is assumed.

1. Which of the following statements are not correct with regards to the transmission of electromagnetic waves? (Choose 2)

Similar to IEEE 802.15-1, the IEEE 802.15-4 standard define transmission of data over long distances.*
Wireless technology refers to the transmission of electromagnetic waves.
PAN is built for lower power transmission and lower data rate.
The IEEE 802.16 defines the WiMAX technology.
Global System for Mobile communication is one of the standard for wired communications available in the world.*

2. Which of the following conditions are significant problems experienced with wireless networks? (Choose 2)

Signal refraction*
Signal easy to control
Less interference
Low data transmission rate
Signal reflection*

3. What is the top range of Bluetooth?

100 meters*
1 km
50 meters
80 meters

4. Which IEEE standard defines Wireless LANs?

IEEE 802.11*
IEEE 802.1
IEEE 802.3
IEEE 802.5
IEEE 802.2

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